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Twig the Fairy and the Curious Land of Real

Twig the Fairy



This children's book is the first ever from Twig the Fairy.  

This tale is based on Twig's own childhood experience exchanging messages between humans and fairies in a very magical fairy hollow.

The Reviews 

  • "This is my daughter's favorite book! She loves reading it to me!"
  • "We <3 the pictures so much! Even my husband (don't tell him I told you ... hahah)!"
  • "I love the story Twig! My kids are now sending fairy messages in their own hollow. It's soooo cute!"

The Product

  • Hard Cover
  • Tender Inside
  • Approximately 30 Full Color Pages & 30,000 words (Disclaimer: this assumes a picture is worth 1000 words)
  • Illustrated in Photo
  • Often Covered in Glitter
  • Roughly 8 x 8 (inches) in Size 
  • Perfect for all ages, 0 to 273 (Apologies to ages 274 and up)

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